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Volunteering Initiatives

Monthly Essentials Distribution

Through our monthly ration pack distributions, we provide basic food necessities such as cooking oil, rice, vegetables, etc. to the rental flat residents and needy families.


One of our largest annual initiatives called "Hope For Ramadhan" consisted of volunteers who were fasting while volunteering to serve for the community!

These initiatives were only made possible due to the donors and donation drives widely spread among volunteers. 

Community Clean-Ups &
House Decluttering

Community clean-ups are great opportunities for volunteers to be on the ground and be more environmentally conscious. 

The network also provides home decluttering and cleaning for the frail elderly who live alone for those who require assistance due to lack of support. 

One of the significant initiatives that were carried out by the network is the 'Deepavali Painting Project'. 

Drug Abuse Awareness

We strongly advocate for the harmful effects of drugs through collaboration with the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).


In 2021, we carried out one of our larger initiatives was 'Project Kasih', whereby we provided over 100 ration packs along with 'Dadah Itu Haram' (Drugs are forbidden) pamphlets.

Volunteers also learn about the rehabilitation efforts offered and how all of us can play a part to mitigate this issue by the officers from CNB.

Annual Mass Meal Distribution

During Ramadhan, the fasting month that is observed by Muslims, we organised an initiative called 'Sponsor-An-Iftar' in which 4 weekends of the month were filled with bento meal distributions to the residents.

Volunteers were gracefully welcomed and thanked by the residents who received the bento meals. They were able to break their fast with the bento meals we provided!

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