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External Interests

Our external interest group aims to provide volunteers with opportunities to explore their interests besides volunteering!


Want to start a podcast? Plan a hiking event? Rejoice in the love for reading? Or perhaps go Island Hopping!


IM Volunteers Network SG's external interest group welcomes you! Any ideas within our means can be considered and executed! 

Sports & Games

Have a knack for physical fitness?


Join us in our Sports & Games interest group that offers various exercises through exciting sports, performing arts, and many more!


 Volunteers got to try out skateboarding guided by our professional skaters from Auroraskateboardingsg. Not only do you get to sweat it out, but you also gain fruitful experiences through these workshops.

Traditional & Culture

Through our enriching Traditional & Cultural workshops such as the Dikir Barat Workshop, our volunteers will be able to venture about the diverse culture through arts!

Volunteers will get have hands-on experiences through different activities that will help enhance their appreciation for the different cultures.


Our Sustainability interest group provides various opportunities such as estate and park clean-ups as well as recycling projects that involve the community!


We wish to raise awareness on the alarming increase in littering and how recycling prevents the extraction of raw materials which helps to combat climate change.

Photography & Videography

A picture, what more a video, can be the most valuable memory to a person.


Here in IM Volunteers Network SG, there are Photography and Videography workshops that hone one's skills on taking glamourous pictures and picking up tips for getting the best angles. Volunteers get hands-on experiences with the cameras during the workshops!

IMotivators Community

Our IMotivators wish to continuously spread optimism and positivity to everyone!

Through our Instagram page, we actively feature volunteers who wants to share their favourite quotes that keeps them going and share some words of advice on how they overcome their challenges!

Through our Telegram channel, we actively post encouraging messages and inspiring content to act as a daily reminder for everyone! Join us and be a part of our community!

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